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Sustainable Platform is used to enhance performance, measure UN SDG contribution and better understand risks.

17,000 companies. The only non-financial metrics proven to matter for forward looking returns and downside volatility.

Sustainability risk

Fund managers want data they can trust, understand, use, explain and report to - quantitatively.

AI and years of applied sustainability research gives you the power and most material factors for decision making.

Are your ESG funds going to outperform? Do you have independent insights on the SDG contribution and the quantified risk level of your investments?

  • Sustainable Platform allows investment comparisons using a selection of metrics such as SP Sustainability Risk, SP Carbon Risk, SP Reputation Risk and Contribution to the UN SDGs.
  • Unique Sustainability Risk Metrics that are Material for Downside Volatility and Sustainable Investment Marketing and Asset Appreciation.
  • Sustainable Platform measured VW as high risk before the emissions scandal and bankruptcy.

Regulators are increasingly asking asset owners to report on risk, including climate change. The information we provide aligns with EU, APRA and GHG expectations – and exceeds even your most critical customer needs.

  • Help your Board members overcome any reservations on ESG with easy to apply metrics that will satisfy the most diligent boards.
  • Show clear insights in useful charts, SDG contribution, and material information to meet fiduciary legal requirements on Carbon and Strategic Risks.
  • Summarise your Sustainability Risk and highlight the process to regulatory bodies.

We benchmark funds and companies on contribution to UN SDGs, SP Carbon Risk, Reputation Risk, Sustainability Risk and Strategic Risks. With Sustainable Platform you can compare your fund against the market on independent metrics that matter for your performance and reputation.

  • UN SDG metrics for 17,000 companies are used to quantify a fund's contribution to Sustainable Development, and those metrics can be used to materially measure and compare your peers and benchmarks.
  • People have heard of the UN SDGs but rarely know about ESG. We help explain and show how you contribute to SDGs so that they can invest in your impact, ethical responsible or sustainable fund with confidence.
  • Impact Measurement and Factor Analysis on SDGs allows a unique perspective on what is driving your performance.

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Did you know that “80% of natural disasters between 2005 and 2015 were in some way climate related?”

We provide data to help you meet and exceed regulatory expectations for quantitative SP Carbon Risk metrics across your whole portfolio.

Sustainable Platform data makes it easy to choose fixed income, ESG funds and other products that reduce your costs from climate change.

Companies that are not aligned with UN SDGs are increasing your costs. We help you to select a list of companies to minimise your exposure.

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financial markets.


A methodology from the ground up covering companies and funds - measure the risk – know the future.

Sustainable Platform is the only company in the world to know that VW had high Sustainability Risk – BEFORE – NOT AFTER, its emissions scandal and share price collapse.

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Construct and measure SDG portfolios that meet client values

  • Create impact portfolios without greenwashing. See which companies make the cut on Net SDG scores and which companies don’t.
  • Research company exposure to controversial industries, products and services through the supply chain.
  • Find new investment ideas and create thematic investments.

We analysed over 17,000 companies covering 95% of global market cap on factors impacting their contribution to Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Search any product, company, SDG and filter on reputation, carbon and sustainability risks for your universe.

Did you know that 84% of investors under 40 want to invest sustainably? You know when new clients choose you but not when they pass you over for more authentic sustainability options. See how we help investors to independently view and benchmark funds on non-financial factors that can materially affect your reputation and performance.

  • Sustainable Platform is the only independent sustainability information provider. It is also the only data provider globally (ESG and non-ESG) to measure VW as high risk before the emissions scandal that wiped out its share price.

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Sustainable Procurement

Search engine for sustainable companies.

The world's largest database of companies analysed for sustainability and procurement risks.

Find companies that meet your social and environmental requirements and enhance your buying decisions.

17,000+ companies. Risk metrics that are easy to understand and use in your purchasing processes.



Portfolio construction and SDG creation.

Give investors and customers what they want – authentic sustainable investing, the best risk adjusted returns and the knowledge that you are working with the world's leading independent sustainability information provider.

Platform Experience

Sustainable Platform’s inner workings boast only the most material, unique, forward-looking and insightful data to make you feel in control of your SDG investment strategy.

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