About Us

Our management team members include:


Dr. Mark Andrich

Founder & CEO

PhD in Sustainability Engineering, F.R.S.A, B.Eng. (Hons), BCom.


Anna Andrich

Director & COO

BSci (Econs), MBA. Former Government IT program director.


Dr. Phil Schrader

Research Director

PhD in Pure Maths.


James Tainton

Information Transparency Specialist


Kristian Bandy

Commercial Intelligence Director


Anton Savill

Lead Software Developer

BSc (Computer Science & Data Science)


Paisley Madison

Marketing Manager

Bachelor Communications & Philosophy. Masters in Marketing.


Dr. Ria Kristiana

Sustainability Research

PhD in Sustainability Engineering.


Peylin Ng

Data Analyst

Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science.


Kenyon Ng

Data Analyst

MPhil (Statistics)

Our advisory team includes:

Professor Jorg Imberger

Sustainability and Academic Advisor.

Winner of Stockholm Water Prize. Most distinguished alumni, Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Allan Drake-Brockman

Human Relations Legal Advisor

former Head Partner, DLA Piper

Luke Vedelago

Software Development and Sales Advisor

Software Sales Executive

Sustainability academic publications:

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications from our management team

Andrich, M. A., Imberger, J. and Oxburgh, E. R., 2013, Inequality as an obstacle to sustainable electricity and transport energy use, Energy for Sustainable Development 17(4): 315-332, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.esd.2013.04.002

Andrich, M. A., and Imberger, J., 2013, The effect of land clearing on rainfall and fresh water resources in Western Australia: a multi-functional sustainability analysis, International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology 20(6): 549-563, DOI: 10.1080/13504509.2013.850752

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Some recent articles from our advisors

Chung, S.W., Imberger, J., Hipsey, J.M.R., and Lee, H.S., 2014, “The interplay of physical and physiological processes shape the spatial heterogeneity of Microcystis bloom in a stratified reservoir”, Ecological Modelling 289: 133-144

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