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The Platform creates a network of asset owners, sustainable businesses and individuals by providing insight into the sustainability of companies.

Our data shows portfolio information that matters for customers, boards, sustainability risk and financial performance. Subscribe and analyse your portfolio online. Contact to find out more...

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Receive a Sustainable Platform Registered Company Certificate to recognise that your company meets the UN definition of sustainable development.

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By registering as a sustainable company your organisation and its employees can be recognised for the contribution made to sustainable development.

Being a part of the network will enable your company to reach some of the world's largest asset owners and sustainable investment firms.

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Asset Owners

Sustainable Platform is the easiest and best solution for asset owners to invest for sustainable development goals and objectives and enhance performance. Create, analyse and report on your contribution to sustainable development. We are the benchmark for sustainable development investing data.

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“Sustainable Platform is the global leader in company sustainability assessments. They analyse the sustainability level of our family office investments without compromising returns.”
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“WA Super is pleased to be able to use the Sustainable Platform to enhance its understanding of the sustainability level of its portfolio.”

Multi-billion Dollar Australian Super (Pension) Fund