Moving the world faster towards true Sustainable Development

Sustainable platform is the world's largest database (15,000+) of companies measured for their sustainable development contribution

The Platform

The Platform creates a network of asset owners, sustainable businesses and individuals by providing insight into the sustainability of companies.

Through the independent analysis of quantifiable metrics, the platform provides a clear picture to inform sustainable investment and transactions.

Enter Platform

Receive a Sustainable Platform Registered Company Certificate to recognise that your company meets the UN definition of sustainable development.

Become a sustainable certified company

By registering as a sustainable certified company your organisation and its employees can be recognised for the contribution made to sustainable development.

Being a part of the network will enable your company to reach some of the world's largest asset owners and sustainable investment firms.

Certify Your Company

Sustainable Asset Owner

Review environmental and social information on companies that matters for financial performance, risk and sustainable development.

Subscribe and create your online portfolio.

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Sustainable Token

Sustainable Tokens facilitate sustainable trade, world-wide.

Sustainable Tokens encourages businesses to be transparent on their sustainability criteria and enables transaction fee savings and environmental benefits by not relying on banks or cryptocurrency mining.

Trading in Sustainable Tokens includes a 1% donation towards sustainability initiatives world-wide, including for Western Australia and UN goals such as the UN World Food Program, which already accepts cryptocurrencies.

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