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Sustainable Platform's New Sustainability Impact and Risk Reports

Sustainable Platform has just announced a brand new feature, Sustainability Impact and Risk reports, which allow you to order an independent sustainability assessment of any company in our database. The reports include risk metrics such as greenwashing risk and exposure to controversial industries … Read More

What is ESG investing and how can you avoid greenwashing?

ESG investing refers to the use of ESG metrics to inform an investment strategy. This could be done by seeking and including companies with positive environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance practices, or excluding companies with negative behaviors. The various types… Read More

Are Australia’s Superannuation Funds Contributing to Climate Change?

Balanced investment funds currently comprise around $1 trillion in Australian retirement savings. By directly accessing the balanced fund holdings from the websites of some of Australia's largest super funds (as provided by APRA), we were able to comprehensively assess their composition. We c… Read More

SDG’s vs ESG’s: Which metrics are the better for Asset Managers?

Asset Managers have a huge responsibility to not only generate strong returns for clients, but also ensure investments are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Metrics are therefore an invaluable tool when assessing a company’s sustainability performance and greenwashing risks. T… Read More

The new climate and social requirements for super: is your fund ready?

Australian superannuation funds hold over $3 trillion in assets. Most of these assets are held in their largest funds, which are called balanced options that hold around 60% in listed equities. From last year funds were required to provide a list of their holdings, which most funds now do in variou… Read More

Do sustainable companies perform better?

The simple answer is yes. Sustainable Platform’s independently produced data shows that the 1,000 most sustainable companies in the world outperformed major market indices by 20% over the past 5 years. But let’s take a closer look. In 2017, following the UN’s release of the Sustainable Develop… Read More

What is the difference between ESG and Sustainability?

The three important distinctions between ESG and Sustainability simply explained. ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance, and was a framework developed by the finance industry to help incorporate ESG data into investment decision making. Its primary purpose is to get more disclosure on … Read More

How to measure a company’s sustainability

If you’re like most people, you probably confuse a company’s ESG policies and carbon-related commitments with their actual sustainable performance. Having policies and ESG reports are not enough to be sustainable. Simply stated, companies don’t always follow their own policies and they can tailor… Read More

Al Gore Backs CFS's Thrive+ Fund

The former US vice-president Al Gore has been signed by Colonial First State to both back and part-manage their new Thrive+ sustainable growth fund. The fund aims to make sustainable and ethical investment easier for climate-conscious retirees by combining the many sustainable investment options al… Read More

CFS Thrive+ Fund Launch

Colonial First State's new fund, CFS Thrive+, has just been launched with an Impact Calculator from Sustainable Platform which allows customers to estimate the positive impact of their investment in the fund. The new investment option lets your investments seek out a positive contribution on the pl… Read More

Perennial wins $100M mandate for its Better Future Fund

Perennial has received a $100 million mandate for its Better Future Strategy. Perennial's 2021 Better Future Impact Statement is available here. In the Impact Statement, Perennial states: "Companies; held in the Better Future Strategies contribute positively to a range of the SDGs. In … Read More

Nanuk Impact Calculator for March 2022

We have just published Nanuk's updated impact calculator for March 2022. The calculator shows the estimated annual revenue of investee companies from activities attributable to an investment in the Nanuk New World Fund. The activities are related to the following areas: education, food p… Read More

Investment App Rides Consumer Net-zero Trend

Acacia Money, a fintech start-up which has embraced major consumer and market trends in financial services, this week takes its next big step through the launch of a ‘super solutions’ component of its offering... Read More

Jury Back Over Sustainability and Returns

There has been a growing feeling among investors that sustainability is good – certainly not bad – for returns. Now, following the latest report by Sustainable Platform, there should be no further argument... Read More

Sustainable Platform’s Most Sustainable Companies

It has been a few years since we analysed the financial performance of Sustainable Platform’s (SP’s) most and least sustainable companies. We are delighted to share our latest research, which uses our new carbon analysis climate alignment software, which confirms both our SDG and carbon risk metric… Read More

Nanuk Launches Impact Calculator Utilising SP’s Data

Nanuk Asset Management announces the launch of its new Impact Calculator, a digital tool that allows clients to estimate the individual impact of their investment in the Nanuk New World Fund. The underlying data and methodology for the calculator are provided by Sustainable Platform... Read More

Performance of TGM Using Sustainable Platform's Data

In a TGM conducted analysis comparing SDG and ESG data providers, it is shown that TGM's proprietary financial models and Sustainable Platform’s sustainability data set has superior risk adjusted returns... Read More

"Very High" SDG Contribution Score for HBF Health

HBF Health, one of Australia's largest insurance companies, has again received a "very high" SDG contribution score in an assessment made by Sustainable Platform. The independent assessment of HBF's contribution to the UN SDGs placed them in the top 6 per cent of global companies, an improvement fr… Read More

HBF Receives "Very High" SDG Contribution

HBF Health received a "very high" SDG contribution score in an assessment made by Sustainable Platform. Sustainable Platform was commissioned by HBF to conduct an independent assessment of its sustainability position and contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable Platf… Read More

Lonsec launches new ESG rating

Lonsec will launch a new environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating to help financial advisers select sustainable products that are aligned with their clients’ values. Partnering with data provider, Sustainable Platform, the rating will analyse the underlying products and services provided ….. Read More

Finalists for the Responsible Business Awards Revealed

Sustainable Platform was announced as a finalist for the New Start-Up of the Year category at the 9th Annual Responsible Business Awards... Read More

Electric Car Popularity Prompts Review Into Fuel Tax

The federal government has called for a review into fuel tax as Australia’s “imminent” uptake of electric and driverless cars threatens the sustainability of the current roads funding model. Sustainable Platform founder Dr Mark Andrich told The New Daily that charging a tax on use of electric cars ….. Read More

Blockchains, Diamonds And The New Transparency

Blockchain technology is going to revolutionize banking, but its most interesting effects are going to be around transparency. Mark Andrich, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Platform says this new era of transparency is already upon us, with the millennial generation interrogating their pension funds a….. Read More

Finalists for the Responsible Business Awards Revealed

Sustainable Platform shortlisted for the New Entrant of the Year category at the 8th Annual Responsible Business Awards... Read More

Sustainable Platform Offers Transparency

A new platform that allows users to research sustainable investments will provide a high level of transparency to SMSFs and give trustees the opportunity to know whether investments matched their sustainability objectives, according to a sector manager... Read More

Land Clearing Repels Rain Clouds

Government subsidies directed to Western Australia’s struggling wheatbelt farmers may prove little more than a Band-Aid solution as regional experts warn of a long-term, man-made reduction in rainfall in the area... Read More


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